WWF Superstars of Wrestling – January 7th, 1989

January 7, 1989

From the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, FL

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

This week’s featured match is the Hart Foundation vs. Greg Valentine & Honky Tonk Man. Plus, a special Royal Rumble report and the Brother Love Show with guest Brutus Beefcake.


Demolition vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Rusty Brooks

Ax beats on Sharpe as the Jesse wants to know how Demolition can go on without Mr. Fuji, who we hear from in an insert promo with the Powers of Pain as they talk about being one winner at the Royal Rumble as the Barbarian and Warlord grunt at each other. Demolition now beat down Brooks as the announcers put over the Royal Rumble match with Jesse wondering what will happen with Ax and Smash as the first two entrants as Demolition puts Brooks away with the Decapitation (2:31).

Thoughts: Once again, they are going all out with the “every man for himself” theme for the Royal Rumble match as they stress that partners will fight on each other in order to win. The funny thing here was Jesse asking what will happen if Ax & Smash draw the first two numbers, as Vince pauses and responds “they will fight” as it almost seemed Jesse knew that would happen beforehand and threw it out there to see how Vince would respond.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on the return of Big John Studd as we see him lift in the gym as the screams and grunts. I really have no idea how this was supposed to get people behind Studd.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Scott Casey

DiBiase takes Casey down with a hip toss as the announcers talk about DiBiase having the stamina to draw #1 at the Royal Rumble and go all the way. We then hear from DiBiase in an insert promo as his New Year’s resolution is to wear a championship belt as he hints about buying a number. Back to the match as DiBiase catches Casey with a powerslam before putting him away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:09). After the match, DiBiase stuffs a $100 bill in Casey’s mouth.

Thoughts: They also teased that DiBiase might buy his way into getting a high number at the Rumble, which certainly fits his character.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from the Bushwhackers as they beat each other after talking about the Royal Rumble. Ronnie Garvin then puts over the match. We hear from King Haku and Bobby Heenan, who tells Haku if Harley Race beats him at the Royal Rumble then they will have to bow to Race as Haku is pissed about that. Man, this Haku/Race feud over who will be the King has been awful but then again its not like they gave it a chance to be good or anything.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Pete Sanchez

Jake beats on Sanchez as Vince shows us the signed poster by Jake, who voiced over the note he wrote for Andre the Giant about how Damien loves him. Jake stays in control and hits a short-arm clothesline before putting him away with the DDT (2:07).

Thoughts: They hyped up the Jake/Andre feud and brought up that they could in fact face each other in the Rumble match.


Big Bossman w/ Slick vs. Bill Mulkey

We get legendary jobber Bill Mulkey making his WWF debut. Bossman slams Mulkey down as we hear from Slick with the Bossman and Akeem in an insert promo as he dubs them both the “Twin Towers” and how no one will be able to stop them. Back to the match as Bossman stays in control and gets the win with the sidewalk slam (1:47). After the match, Bossman cuffs Mulkey over the ropes and beats him with the nightstick.

Thoughts: The news here is that Bossman & Akeem are officially known as the “Twin Towers.”


Mooney is back in the Event Center. We hear from Mr. Perfect and Randy Savage as they talk about the Royal Rumble.


Tim Horner & George South vs. Brainbusters w/ Bobby Heenan

Odd seeing this match taking place on WWF TV. Horner and Blanchard end up in a stalemate as we hear from the Rockers in an insert promo as they talk about looking out for the Brainbusters at the Royal Rumble. Horner catches Arn with a hurricarana then tags out as South get beat down. Tully tags then distracts Horner from the apron and runs over as they hit South with a spike piledriver (2:21).

Thoughts: Fun, little squash match. Horner got a bit of shine and Tully did his usual great job at heeling it up. Also nice to see the Brainbusters use a double-team finisher here instead of relying on Tully’s slingshot suplex.


Brother Love Show with guest Brutus Beefcake. Brother Love tells us there will be a haircut match this weekend between Ron Bass and his guest. Beefcake comes out with a drawing of Bass on an easel then puts an apron around Brother Love and threatens to cut his hair but does not want his new scissors to get greasy. Beefcake then shows us drawings of Bass with different haircuts and says next time we see Bass he will not look the same and walks away as Brother Love tells Beefcake he will be the one who gets his haircut. Good hype for the haircut stipulation at “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”


Royal Rumble Report with Gene Okerlund. He runs down the matches as we hear promos from various guys, including a really good promo from Bad News on how he used do to this for fun on Friday nights and for us to imagine what he will do for money.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation take control early as we hear from Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as he warns the Hart Foundation that Valentine & Honky will finish them off. Valentine decks Bret from the apron then comes in and stomps away. Honky is back in now and holds up Bret but accidentally gets elbowed by Valentine. Neidhart tags and cleans house as the Hart Foundation set up Honky for the Hart Attack until Valentine breaks that up. The match breaks down as Valentine puts Neidhart in the figure four until Bret breaks that up. Jimmy runs in and distracts Bret as that allows Honky to whack him from behind with the guitar as the match is somehow ruled a double disqualification (4:38) *1/2.

Thoughts: The ruling of a double DQ after Bret got clocked with the guitar was moronic. The action was solid and they sold that Bret was hurt from the guitar shot.


Mooney is back in the Event Center as we hear from Koko B. Ware and Tito Santana hype up the Royal Rumble match. We also hear from the Rougeaus, Jimmy Hart, Frenchy Martin, and Dino Bravo to hype up the six man tag.


Next week in action will be the Rockers. Plus, highlights from the Bass vs. Beefcake, Hulk Hogan vs. Akeem, and Santana vs. Red Rooster matches from “Saturday Night’s Main Event” and an update on Bret Hart’s condition.


Final Thoughts: Lots of hype for the Royal Rumble and some for “Saturday Night’s Main Event” as well. Funny how a majority of the Royal Rumble match scenarios Vince & Jesse brought up on commentary came to fruition at the show. They also christened Bossman & Akeem as the Twin Towers for the first time.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 3/18/82

Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/8/89

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