WWE champ Nakamura?

With Finn getting the title immediately upon his arrival, AJ winning his in under a year, and Owens winning his in just over a year(!), is it at all weird that I’m expecting Shinsuke to get a monster push and the Smackdown title at some point upon his eventual promotion to the main roster?

In a somewhat related note, haven’t they inadvertently turned the NXT title into what the Intercontinental title used to be? It’s pretty fantastic.

​I dunno about that, but WWE World champion AJ Styles is pretty much some "through the looking glass" s---. That is something I NEVER thought I would see, especially once he was doing the 50/50 feud with Jericho and getting ready to ride the midcard treadmill earlier this year. Not only that, but they pulled the trigger on him at exactly the right time, at his hottest point, beating a champion who desperately needed to lose the title to avoid people turning on the act. Kind of amazing, really.​