Starrcade 83

> I just watched Starrcade 83 on the network and was impressed by show, especially the top 3 matches. It doesn’t look like you’ve done a rant on it (does OneDrive even have a search function?), but was curious about your thoughts.
> Valentine and Piper had a bloody brawl that resulted in Piper legit losing some of his hearing, Steamboat and Youngblood had a great tag match with the Brisco brothers, and Flair and Race had a passing of the torch to close the show.
> Any insight on the show from your or Meltzer from around that time?

I did the three matches mentioned in a variety of places, but I’ve never done the full show. Ain’t no one got time for that.

Meltzer wasn’t doing show reviews at that point, just "Here’s a report from Mr. Mike" type of stuff. Star ratings didn’t debut until a couple of years later. I think Dave really loved the show, though.