Smackdown Depth Chart

> I think most would agree that all of the right people walked out of WWE Backlash with their respective titles… But who exactly are they supposed to be defending those titles against now?
> Becky Lynch went over the entire Smackdown Women’s division in a single match. The tag division is so light they had to bring the Headbangers back from the dead to fill out a bracket. And Randy Orton is the only legitimate babyface contender to AJ Styles that he hasn’t already beaten.
> When they’re already having the Usos wrestle twice just to fill out a 2 1/2 hour PPV, how long until Smackdown is forced to get some fresh faces? Or are we stuck seeing virtually the exact same matches every month until at least WrestleMania?

Hey pal, don’t forget about Kane! It’s nearing October so he’s due for another push.

And the womens title program seems like it’s clearly going to be Becky vs Nattie, which is fine.

They just need to tread water with rematches until Cena returns to save the day. Right?