You have mentioned before that the Hogan-Flair WWF feud in 1991-92 did not draw, so they did not headline ‘Mania with a match between the two.

My question is this: How did the first ever series of matches between arguably the two biggest industry stars of that time (and maybe of all time) NOT DRAW? I recall growing up in the late 80’s, and every kid my age loved to fantasy book WWF Champion Hogan against NWA Champion Flair. When it finally happened for real, why did so many people tune it out?

Any thoughts?


​The first round drew OK, but the rematches just died. The problem is that WWF and WCW really did draw from different audiences, and in particular the WWF audience was really in their own bubble, created by Vince. The advantage of that is that you can bring in Big Fat Monster
X and put him over a few jobbers and suddenly have a top star for Hogan to crush because no one knows that it’s just Phil Hickerson from Memphis or whatever. The disadvantage is that when you have a legit big star from another promotion, you have to work just as hard to make him into a threat, and they didn’t do any of the legwork on that. It was just almost literally just "Hey, here’s Ric Flair, who has a long history and lineage in the sport but we can’t tell you why or with who, so go pay money to see him." Didn’t work. ​