What is with all the CM Punk hate from wrestling fans?

Seriously, what did Punk do that was so terrible? Was it that he quit WWE? Seems like he has some pretty solid reasoning behind wanting to leave. He was clearly burned out.

Was it because of what he said in his "shoot" interview with Cabana? That doesn’t make sense because it wasn’t like anything he said wasn’t something wrestling fans haven’t heard before. And if it’s true (which I’d say a good 80% of it was) he had every right to be pissed at the WWE.

I hear a lot of people say he’s an asshole in real life. I have news for these people. Most wrestlers are assholes in real life. S---, I met Mick Foley at a signing in 2001 and he was a dick to me. And he’s supposed to be one of the nicer ones. But I’m not going to hold a grudge against the guy. He was one of my favorite wrestlers and maybe he was having a bad day. He’s a human being.

Is it because Punk wanted to try UFC? Why is that something to hate him for? Fact is Dana White and UFC were willing to pay him a lot of money to chase some crazy dream. If you’re going to get your ass beat why not do it on the biggest stage possible and get paid a s--- ton of money for it?

The funny part is these same people that hate him so much and were excited to see him get his face smashed in would probably be popping the most if he came back to WWE.

​For me, the main problem with the UFC dream is that it wasn’t like his dream was to be a fighter and he decided to work his way up or whatever. Clearly this UFC thing was a freakshow from the start, and he was brought in with the expectation that he’d talk s--- and play heel, and he was a major disappointment in that regard. Not only that, but he was apparently not interested in training like everyone else, and had no natural talent for fighting to carry him. He talks about following his dreams, but is he donating all that money to charity? I don’t even begrudge him the whole "stealing someone else’s spot" s--- because his appearance in theory helps the buyrate for everyone, but isn’t that EXACTLY what he was bitching about so loudly while he was in WWE?

Clearly you can respect him for guts and trying something, but if it’s my dream to be a pilot and I just use my celebrity to suddenly become an airline pilot without all the proper training and experience, then it’s a stupid dream, courage aside. ​