Fastest Change of Opinion on a wrestler

A month and a half ago, I was excited as hell when Ambrose won the triple threat at Battleground. And now a month and a half later I’m fed up of the guy as champion. And I’d be pissed if he beat AJ. I have no idea if I just thought we’d get a different version of Ambrose or his flip flopping as serious promo guy to goof to serious promo guy against Dolph and back to goof again or what?

My question to you and the blog is what was the fastest time you changed your mind on a wrestler, match or feud before.

Honerable mention. HHH vs Steiner. And Brockley Vs Goldberg.

​Yeah, I don’t know what the hell is up with Ambrose ever since the Austin podcast, but he’s legit killed off any interest in Sunday’s show single-handedly for me. I’ll still watch because I want to see AJ win the belt, but holy s--- has he become a terrible champion, seemingly regressing further into the midcard with every appearance. Clearly this was a case of "They handed him the ball, and he dropped it" and it’s really too bad because I don’t see him getting it again.

As for my fastest change of opinion, I’d say the Nexus in 2010, specifically Wade Barrett as a main event challenger to Randy Orton. They went from having a legit top guy in the making to "Get this b------- off my screen" to having to bring John Cena into it with the goofy convoluted "free or fired" stips and Roddy Piper coming out of retirement and cutting promos on their behalf in order to save it. It didn’t work. ​