Bad to better and vice versa

Who would you say are the best examples of wrestlers who started out as terrible in the ring but got better to the point of being more than watchable? Also, what about those who were good and then went in the toilet? Thanks.

​Well, Big Bubba was kind of a lumbering goof for the first part of his career, but once he dropped all that weight in 91 he suddenly became one of the legit best workers in the company, after coincidentally working with guys like Rick Rude and Curt Hennig every night for months. Go figure.

The biggest drop has to be Scott Steiner, who was an elite level guy until the first serious arm injury in 91 put him on the road to Big Poppa Pump. Everything from 91-97 was just a slow decline for him in the ring until he ditched all pretense of being anything but a clown and suddenly became the singles star they wanted all along. ​