Two questions about 1988:

1. In his book,Ric Flair says he received an offer to jump ship and face Savage in the main event of SummerSlam ’88. Is this legit?

Surely he’d have to win too so the investment would be justified,right in the middle of MSG. It’d push Hulk/Andre/DiBiase further down the pack too. Any truth?

2. Your Observer recaps have highlighted what a bust Mania 4 was,even coming off the huge Main Event angle and ratings: papered arena,lower-than-expected buyrate,four boring hours etc. Is there a case to say they should have spread the tourney over TV to build it up then run the semis and final at Mania with Hogan-Andre as semi main?

​1. Yes, Flair was definitely being made offers to come in at Summerslam. At that point, the contract situation within Crockett’s organization was in complete turmoil and Flair could have made a clean getaway, but I’m guessing he lured into staying with promises of being booker by the new regime. That being said, original plan was Flair coming in as Brother Love’s interview guest, not winning the World title from Savage or anything like that.

​2. Yes, hindsight says they DEFINITELY should have just concentrated on one or two big matches that they could promote in advance. A Hulk-Andre cage rematch and skipping right to the Savage v. Dibiase finals would have probably made the show a success and allowed Dibiase to do a **** match. Tournaments are just not an effective PPV draw in North America, which is one of the reasons why even UFC ditched the format. You need something concrete to build up!​