Hart Magee match question

Ok Scott, so mister of what i know about the match is either from Hart’s book or this site. If Vince was so high on Magee (particularly after the match), and the match was part of a wrestling challenge taping, then why would Vince hold off on broadcasting it?

Did he assume Magee was so great that he could have the same result against an unknown jobber (possibly saving Hart from taking the fall in Magee’s first TV match)? It​

doesn’t seem like Vince to sit in the footage for later unless he planned to use it did a home video release. Were video sales a big thing for Vince in 87?

Just trying to understand why Vince would sit on the footage if it was meant for tv (unless it was only meant for a dark match).

It wasn’t meant for TV at all, it was just a dark match tryout and then Bret basically made Vince promise not to use the footage ever because Bret looked like a complete jobber in the match. In this case, Vince agreed with his wishes and has never shown it. Similar situation with the Money Inc. v. LOD title switch in 1992, where Hawk agreed to do the clean job on the condition that the footage was never aired. In both cases, a hearty "Get over yourselves" would seem to be warranted, but it was a different time and that stuff meant something back then.