A couple questions

Al Perez-
What was the deal with him? He had a great look but didn’t seem to have much charisma but he kept on getting push after push but I don’t remember him with WWF at all?

Totally Random. But back in territory days. We’re wrestlers always paid in cash? If so I am surprised you never heard of "jobber x robbing midcarder y" for his purse. (Midcarder y is still a better name than Brayden Walker btw.)

Lastly, Hulk Hogan can be accused of a lot of things. But he might have been the best ever at the politics of the business. Do you think that he was okay with Million Dollar Man getting the belt because he knew his place at the top would have been safe?

The observers reviews are great btw.

​- Re: Al Perez. He got a cup of coffee in the WWF as an underneath guy in 1989, but never went anywhere. He got push after push because he had matinee idol looks and was a decent worker, so the theory was always that they could push him to the top and figure out the rest later. Unfortunately he coasted on that for too long, and when he jumped to the NWA in 88 he decided to hold up Crockett before a title match with Flair, demanding more money so that he wouldn’t shoot on Flair and steal the title. That was it for him in the business as anything close to a top guy.

– Re: Cash payments. Yes, typically promoters got cash for the shows and then divvied it up among the guys. It was also recommended to get cash if you were working for Paul Heyman, I’d think.

– Re: Hulk. At that point, nothing happened to Hulk without Hulk giving the go-ahead first. So if Dibiase was being promised the title, Hulk was also promised it back, probably in a triple-notarised contract. ​