The Last Battle of Atlanta, then what?

So, with the release of The Last Battle of Atlanta, what takes it’s place as the (sm)Ark of the Covenant of lost wrestling footage?

Btw, any thoughts as to why this isn’t a bigger deal on the Network? Based on it’s mystique alone, the WWE could have made a 2 hour documentary on it; which could have been transferred to a DVD release. It seems like leaving money on the table.

My personal theory is it wasn’t a WWE(F) event involving guys who were never a big deal in the promotion. So, to the revisionist WWE mindset, it’s no big deal.

​Yeah, a lot of it is the company not really knowing their own audience, I think. They’re kind of paying lip service to the massive amount of disenfranchised old farts like me that pay for the Network, but they’re still shooting for the younger audience they think exists by concentrating on the Twitters and Instagram references and all that stuff. The fact remains that RAW’s audience is old as f---, and stuff like the Last Battle of Atlanta is what we’re wanting to see out of the Network.

As for the next Holy Grail, it’s Bret Hart v. Tom Magee, and I don’t think there’s even a question about it. ​