This… is… STING

Hi Scott,

Sting related opinion question for you, that might make for some good discussion on the blog.

We’ve read how Vince supposedly wanted to sign Sting for years while WCW still existed. Where do you think he would have fallen if he had jumped…

In late 1988? I feel like he would have gotten lost in the shuffle with Hogan and Savage on top, and Warrior dominating the IC title level and getting the eventual main event push. By the time it would be "his turn" (likely after the Warrior run flopped on top), he probably wouldn’t be seen at that level anymore

In late 1993/ early 1994? With Hogan leaving and heading to WCW, what if Sting had jumped to Titan? With Vince’s focus on smaller guys, how would Sting have fit in with the scene at the time (since he’s muscular, but not Hogan/Warrior bloat size)? Do you think Vince would have tried to make a run with him against heel Yokozuna instead of Luger/Bret? Maybe he’d get Diesel’s babyface run on top in 1995 (I could actually see that being a good fit, since Sting would have fit far more naturally into that role than Diesel).

What say you?

​Oh yeah, Sting jumping in 93 to replace Hulk Hogan? Vince would have been ALL OVER that. I absolutely think he would have been rocketed to the top and probably would have done better in that role than Luger or Diesel. He fits the All American role without coming off as fake and could have slotted in there completely naturally, plus would have excelled in the early RAW era because of his natural charisma.​