In ring communication issue question

Watching the Cruiserweight Classic, which leads me to a quick question for you regarding in-ring communication.

When wrestlers work abroad (like when American/Canadian guys would work Japan, or shows like the CWC), how do they communicate in the ring/call spots when they all speak different languages? Especially back in the 1980s, when a lot of the action was called in the ring far more than today? I’m assuming a lot of Japanese and Mexican talent speak some English, but I’d also imagine that the language barrier could be an issue while trying to call spots in front of 20,000 loud people.

​Pretty much all the guys know enough moves in English to get by, so typically that’s the default language for mixes of styles like the CWC. Plus they can always pass them through the ref if there’s trouble, but really a good wrestler can judge the flow of the match enough to pick up on what should be next and when anyway. It’s not like guys are out there laying out spots like DDP in the middle of the match anyway. ​