Windham turn

Hey Keith

Hope alls well in the great white north.

We are almost to the point in the newsletters where after weeks of buildup, Barry turns on lex. From what you’ve said in the past, crocket/nwa did a much better job of mapping out story lines than did Vince. Was the plan all along to have ​Lex​
kicked out of the horsemen and Barry come in, and it was only a matter when to start that phase of the story? Or did they simply settle on Barry. I’m sure flair and dusty both being high on windjammer didn’t hurt.

​They settled on Barry. In fact, the whole thing was so poorly thought out that they had to rearrange the entire US title tournament at the last minute to make it Windham v. Nikita in the finals. ​The Windham turn was mostly an impulse decision on their part, which is weird because it was so well built in retrospect. In fact I believe the original plan, based on the fact that they had the brackets set before the Windham turn, was Midnight Rider winning the tournament to get the US title back and feuding with Larry Z before that whole storyline got dropped. I guess it would have worked to put off the Windham title win to Bash 88 and have him beat Dusty there, but really Windham got SO hot as a heel, so fast, that they really had to put the belt on him ASAP. Really though, that whole period, especially the Midnight Rider angle, was filled with ridiculously short-sighted panic booking and it just happened that the Windham turn paid off for them. Crockett, as we know, had much bigger problems on his mind.