Daily News Update – 09.05.16

Dammit, Bayless, I’m cutting your salary in half.  Maybe even in quarters.  No, wait, that’s cruel, I’m doubling it instead.

  • Here in Canada, football happens, although it’s Canadian football so it doesn’t particularly count.

rough riders

dr nick

  • Also tonight, Monday Night RAW happens, and here’s a preview:  http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2016-09-05  Ratings might have been good last week for Kevin Owens, but you have to subtract about 15% for exchange rate so in fact he’s a big fat flop.  Don’t worry, though, the Big Dog is mostly Adderall-free now and ready to right the ship again!


Don’t forget, tomorrow is the debut of HIDDEN GEMS on the WWE Network, including the Last Battle of Atlanta between Buzz Sawyer and Tommy Rich, plus the famous 45 minute match between Barry Windham and Ric Flair!  I believe our own Kevin Hall will be reviewing as much as he can for your reading pleasure.

Now get the hell out of my Flashback thread and talk here instead.