Meltzer on Hogan

Dave Meltzer did a podcast with Sports Illustrated (, and at the end was asked if Hulk Hogan would ever come back to WWE.

His opinion was that time heals all wounds, fans would embrace it, and the only thing in the way would be if a sponsor objected.

Would fans really be clamoring for this? I thought the Hogan ship sailed.

SI Media Podcast: Featuring guest Dave Meltzer
Episode 74 of the Sports Illustrated Media podcast with Richard Deitsch features the longtime professional wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, the edit

​I’m pretty sure people would forgive him after a certain point, yeah. Really, had the lawsuit stuff not brought Hogan to the front page of news sites, the whole thing likely would have blown over after a couple of weeks. And really, I think destroying Gawker earned him more babyface cred anyway. The enemy of the scumbag is my friend and all that. ​