Last battle of Atlanta

I am 34, born and raised in New York which was total WWF territory so I never heard of this until now. Can you summarize the angle, match, story involved for those who are lost on the big deal of this?

​Rich and Sawyer had a very long and very violent feud, but otherwise unremarkable aside from the escalating levels of obsession with each other they had, in Georgia that ended up going way too long, like over a year, but the final blowoff was a roofed cage match that was given legendary status by the people in attendance at the Omni. Basically the legend behind the match didn’t exactly come from the match itself (which may have been *****, no one really knows for sure until this Tuesday!) but because it was taped by Ole Anderson and then almost immediately lost or taped over. There was no master copy ever found and the only known surviving tape was said to be in the hands of one guy who was there that night in the audience and taped it with a video camera. The feud became memorable in hindsight as well because Rich and Sawyer pretty much destroyed their own careers in kayfabe by continuing to fight each other long after they should have given it up and moved onto other things. And really, neither guy ever achieved anything close to the potential that they showed before it.