New PPV times

Are the new brand only ppvs/network specials officially three hours or are they 2 like the old In Your House shows. Because I’m totally cool with two hours brand exclusive ppvs with 4-5 long matches, and maybe a big angle thrown in. Look at Smackdown right now. Where are they getting three hours of content for backlash? Dean/AJ, Ziggler/Miz, Wyatt/Orton, the tag finals, the Women’s title… Maybe Corbin/Kalisto or Corbin/Crews??? Cena’s not there, unless they run a huge, long Bryan/Miz or Shane/Brock angle… How is that three hours?

​Five matches is plenty to stretch a show into 3 hours, or at least 2 hours 40 minutes. Hell, the Takeover shows are already breaking free of the two hour time limit as it is. I’d love to see the PPVs shortened to 2 hours, but it’s not happening because of whatever nebulous reasoning they have for NEEDING them to be 3 hours. But I guess wrestling fans are creatures of habit and it is what it is. ​