Brock v. Cass


I think I’ve come up with a money storyline for WrestleMania where
you’d use Brock to build up a new star.

The night after the Royal Rumble, Enzo and Cass come out to open the
show. Enzo does his usual promo to pop the crowd…and then Lesnar shows
up and kills him dead. I’m talking a full-on beatdown, complete with a
stretcher job. Naturally, Cass vows revenge for his friend, Paul
Heyman cuts his usual promos (maybe with the “remember what happened
to your buddy” spin attached), Enzo returns the week before Mania to
cut a blistering promo and inspire Cass, and Cass goes over clean at

Where’s the downside here? Am I missing something?

Pretty sure "Enzo gets the beats so Cass can get revenge" will become a recurring theme of his career, so your idea would probably work fine. I dunno about Cass being the guy to go over Brock at Wrestlemania, though.