Roman just can’t catch a break

I hopped over to Wikipedia to see when the last time Roman won a big match was (Extreme Rules back in May, unless you count the qualifying Fatal 4 Way on the 1st post-draft Raw, but then he lost to Finn in the main event). Anyway…

Even his Wikipedia page hates him. There’s 2808 words on his WWE career, much of which is written in this slyly negative fashion. And there’s 1329 words to a section about his "persona and reception", which basically says he’s over pushed and everyone hates him. Dog gone those open source editors!

Roman Reigns – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

​I know, why does everyone have to pick on the Big Dog? Not like KO-gan, who never does jobs and is obviously single-handedly responsible for the ratings decline because he’s FAT. I bet he doesn’t even stand up for the Star Spangled Banner, that Canadian bastard. He’s worse than Kaepernick. Once the crowds start chanting "We Want Roman!" during his boring ass ****1/2 matches, then Vince will listen to the people again.

Thank you for bringing this injustice to light here on the blog. The struggle to make sure that the Juggernaut is finally given his shot at the top is real, and we fight it every day.​