NWA Benefits

Other than a potential one-time big gate if the NWA Champion made an appearance in your territory, were there any real benefits for other wrestling organizations to be in the NWA? Since it mostly seemed like an WCW title anyway, it seemed to stay in WCW territory most of the time. If anyone other than a WCW guy got it, it was usually a very short reign (Tommy Rich and Von Erich). That’s why all the organizations also had their own world titles. Also, if your territory started getting into trouble financially, it’s not like the other organizations came to your rescue by letting you borrow their stars, etc. Am I missing something?

​Depends what time period you’re talking about. When you say that it was mostly a WCW title, yeah, that’s true from 84 onwards when Crockett pretty much controlled everything, and in that case there was zero benefit for anyone else. Which is why the NWA fell apart as an organization as fast as it did. ​However, previous to that, there were definitely tangible benefits to being a member. Now, a lot of it was in the sense of being a protection racket, where if you WEREN’T a member, then you were a severe disadvantage because the NWA promoters would try to put you out of business. So not really a positive, but on the other hand, that monthly big gate from the champion used to be a very real benefit that kept a lot of guys afloat, which is why it was so important who the champion was and how they were booked by the secretary of the NWA.

But yes, once it became the Jim Crockett Show starring Jim Crockett and Ric Flair, then it all fell apart anyway.