Bigger waste than ADR?

> Del Rio was given a huge contract for his surprise return where he beat Cena CLEAN to end his long US title reign… And then did nothing, immediately wasting Cena’s run to rebuild the title by reading back and forth with Kalisto, then joining one of the worst stables in recent memory, then floundering around doing nothing memorable for months before his suspension/release. This was all in less than a year! Based on the money they gave him and the lack of anything they got, this has to be one of Vince’s bigger blunders right? They could’ve made a star out of someone beating Cena, instead they wasted it on a guy who returned to become a JTTS. Plus now Smackdown, who has the thinnest roster, is down a "top" heel.
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Do not also forget Cody Rhodes, Ryback and Bad News Barrett being allowed to walk this year alone. Plus they could still have Batista on good terms if they weren’t such asses to him just before he starred in two huge successful action movies. In fact I’d call Batista the biggest waste lately.