Kids watching wrasslin

Hey Scott

Bout the same age/ bit older than you, brought up on 80s WWF; properly shamed out of it in 90s; Internet/ Beyond The Mat reeled me back in, and I now gorge on Network

Thing is, I’m a Lone Smark… No IRL mates who have anything other than passing interest in it; wife hates it; I don’t care/ can’t blame em, it’s an evolved taste;)

Point being, now have 2 kids/ 4yo boy who is playing with my 80sRockNWrestler figurines; sees the custom made Macho robe in then closet, and those fleeting 2sec’s when I turn off the Network when he enters the room;)
Understandably, missus doesn’t want him exposed to unnecessary, wanton violence where possible, which I appreciate (*NB: we are not trailer trash:)
Also, don’t wanna unnecessarily saddle him with a "niche-interest" at school which could see his social life, ah, restricted 😉

You have a kid? I’m figuring most appropriate introductory viewing for when he is allowed will be 80s wrasslin…
Your thoughts on age appropriateness on an introduction? And how do you temper the whole thing without exposing the business from the start??

​Sadly, although my daughter has watched little bits of wrestling with me, she has no interest in it. YouTube family vloggers and CookieSwirlC are more her jam.

I will say that for younger kids, I have no problem with them being into John Cena and/or Bayley as role models. The current product is actually very kid-friendly (by design) although it’s too long of a show to maintain their interest. ​