Mid-South Wrestling – March 11th, 1982

March 11, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Ted DiBiase

This week, we will see Dusty Rhodes vs. Ed Wiskowski


Billy Ash & Jesse Tanner vs. Buddy Landell & Jesse Barr

Landel has dark hair still at this point and just 19 years old. He hits Ash with a backdrop and a dropkick then tags out as Barr takes care of Tanner. The match really slows down as Barr works the arm. Ash tags in as he cheapshots Barr after a break then follows with one sorry excuse of a back elbow smash. Landel tags and the match breaks down as Landel hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (3:44).

Thoughts: Dull, but a good way to try and get over the young duo of Landel & Barr with a TV win.


We are shown Dusty Rhodes defeating Ed Wiskowski from the 2/18 show.


The Grappler vs. Frank Monte

Pierce asks DiBiase about the Grappler, the man DiBiase defeated for the North American Heavyweight Title. Grappler beats on Monte in the corner to start. Monte fights back and lands a back elbow smash but ducks his head for a backdrop and the Grappler hits a shoulderbreaker then uses the armbreaker for the win (3:11).

Thoughts: Decent showing from the Grappler here as DiBiase acknowledged their past.


Don Serrano vs. Killer Karl Kox

Kox attacks Serrano before the bell. DiBiase puts over Kox as unstable but someone you want to have your back in a brawl. Kox then puts Serrano away with a brainbuster (0:54).

Thoughts: Kox, who came here after a run in Florida, was in his early 50’s at this point and while having a gimmick of a lunatic that the fans enjoyed here he really did not have much left in the tank.


Bob Orton Jr. vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe starts off by working the leg. He then catches Orton with a bearhug as that gets broken up with an eye rake. Orton then dropkicks Sharpe and follows with a slam but misses a leg drop. Sharpe lands a few forearm smashes then a slam as Orton rolls out for a breather. Sharpe slingshots Orton back inside then hits another slam for a two count. Orton regains control with a cheap shot and starts punching away. Sharpe reverses an Irish whip in the corner as he stomps Orton, who is in the tree-of-woe. Sharpe fires away then puts Orton away with a backbreaker submission (4:37) *1/2.

Thoughts: Like Cox, Sharpe also was in Florida before heading back to Mid-South. For fans who only recognize Sharpe as WWF TV enhancement talent from the late 1980’s, he was actually pushed in the early part of the decade. However, this match was nothing special.


Paul Orndorff and Bob Roop are in the ring. They both want to know when they will be getting a shot at DiBiase’s North American Title but no one will tell then who is getting the match. Orndorff says its a conspiracy against Roop and himself because Mid-South protects people like DiBiase. Roop then said he heard Watts said he wants them to wrestle each other as that riles up Orndorff. They cut back to DiBiase as he talks about matchmaker Grizzly Smith picking the opponent for him next week and that the other man will be barred from the building. So next week we are guaranteed a title match.


Paul Orndorff vs. Tony Torres

Orndorff aggressively grounds Torres to start. Orndorff stays in control until as DiBiase talks about the Roop & Orndorff alliance. Torres targets the knee after Orndorff missed a knee drop but Orndorff tosses Torres down. Orndorff inflicts more punishment then gets the win with a powerslam (3:10).

Thoughts: A strong showing for Orndorff as he awaits whether or not he will get a title shot.


Bob Roop vs. Mr. Olympia

These two feel each other out for a minute as DiBiase talks about wrestling whoever Smith chooses next week. They go back-and-forth on the mat until Olympia works a single leg crab. Paul Orndorff comes out to the ring as that gets Olympia’s attention as he keeps his eyes on both guys. Karl Kox comes out and chases Orndorff away as Roop is pissed. Olympia gets a few pinfalls as Roop ducks outside then runs back in when Kox approaches. Roop asks for timeouts then misses a corner charge as Olympia hits an atomic drop. Olympia gets nearfalls with a slam and a crossbody as there is one minute left. Olympia tries a few more pin attempts as Pierce signs off (7:41) *3/4.

Thoughts: The match wasnt much but they really played up the stipulations for next week’s title match and added a lot of suspense as to who will get to face DiBiase for the North American Heavyweight Title.


Final Thoughts: The show was really dull until we found out about next week’s title match. The main event was at least lively but the rest of the action was forgettable. Next week we will get to see just who gets to face DiBiase in the title match.