Austin Question.

Hi Scott.

When people mention great workers one name never mentioned is Austin or if he is people speak more glowingly of his time in WCW. He had great matches with Benoit, two with Foley, Triple H, The Rock, great WWE tag matches(SS, Benoit/Jericho, and Canadian Stampede) and even carried Savio Vega of all people. It feels like all the Undertaker matches drag people’s opinion down. Is Austin underrated as a worker especially his time in WWE?

​I don’t think so. He had great matches with great workers, but most of which he could do post-98 was smoke and mirrors stuff because they had to change the entire main event style to work around his limitations. And that’s fine, but Austin wasn’t gonna be like a Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle and drag an amazing match out of someone who wasn’t already at that level. ​