Night and the City (1950)

Have you ever seen Night and the City ( Probably the only wrestling related movie I have ever enjoyed. I did chuckle finding out that back in 1950 they had a problem with wrestling changing and becoming more entertainment than sport. The more things change..

​Indeed, although I haven’t seen that movie, I have read Fall Guys: The Barnums of Bounce, which is a book written at the end of the 30s about the then-current scene with guys like Strangler Lewis on top of the business, even then the author is complaining that the "sport" aspect has been overtaken by too many highspots and wacky characters instead of real men. ​So it’s literally been something that "smart" fans have been bitching about since the sport was born.

That’s the link if anyone’s interested. Only $5 on Kindle and well worth it to expand your vocabulary with words like "bonecrushers" and "neckbenders".