I Took a Philosophy Course!!!

Hey Scott–

So on NXT this week, Dave Meltzer had a trope shattered, when the Authors of Pain were finally given names. No longer can good ol’ Dave refer to them as "the tattooed one" and "the other one"; no, now they must be singled out by there WWE-given names "A-Kem" and "Ra-Zar"

So I have two theories; Some writing team goofball thinks he is very clever with his college courses, and this is a play on the term, "Occam’s Razor" OR…

This is an incredibly stoned writing team goofball who was high off his ass while watching "Secret of the Ooze" and went in that direction (A-Kem sounding less like "Toka" in order to avoid scary Hollywood lawyers)

What say you?

​Perhaps it’s a tribute to Jay Sherman? I dunno, did they pronounce it "AH-kem" or "AY-kem"? If it’s Ah-kem, then yeah, definitely a weird attempt at a pun. Which is, of course, the key to all successful tag team names.

Also, what’s wrong with just "Razor" and "Hammer" or something out of the 80s like that?