Dusty Told Cody To Quit in 2012

Hey Scott,

Cody Rhodes came on Wrestledelphia Radio last night and dropped a bombshell: Dusty told him he should leave WWE back in 2012, right after losing the IC Title to Big Show.

Here’s the full interview: http://www.wrestledelphia.com/wrestledelphia-radio-ep-13-repaving-rhode-feat-cody-rhodes/

Do you think Cody should have listened to Big Dust at the time?

​Oh yeah, for sure Cody was done as anything approaching a top guy after that. I think he kept hanging on because of the carrot of the Goldust match at Wrestlemania, but there was no way Vince was going to give them the kind of time and focus they needed. Plus the brothers tag team got jobbed out and split up right away as well. I think he could have been a top guy in ROH or been part of the Bullet Club in New Japan had he been available at that point. ​