Just Let Him Punch People

In the way I’ve come to accept the "Cena’s Never Turning Heel" reality over the years, I’m coming to terms with Vince not only rocket up the ass pushing Reigns, but doing it without a heel run.

That said, what do you think is the reason or reluctance to do the things that got Roman over in the first place? Even in this last couple years of abysmal face reactions, there have been flashes of Roman getting positive reactions, and it almost always is when he’s not being the Rock-lite character & just a quiet ass kicker. As you said in the past, he can’t beat up Vince every show, but there’s plenty of other guys who hone that character on.

Is Vince & the writers just so convinced they can make him the funny charismatic guy that they don’t want to take the easy route and use what works? If they’re wanting him as the face of the company, he doesn’t have to fully turn heel. He can be less jokey on TV & still do media appearances & kiss babies & shite. Even at SummerSlam, they Rusev angle was a failure in storytelling, but if this Roman who just destroys guys had been the guy we got when the Shield split, maybe he is at a point now where they could play around with his personality cuz he wouldn’t be as hated.

Watching Roman lately reminds me A LOT of mid-90’s Kevin Nash, who got saddled into a smiling nice dude role, despite his best moments during that failed face run when he just did the destruction role that got him popular enough to get management to notice & try to "improve" him…

​I feel like next week, when they panic and put the Universal title on him, that’ll be the time when everyone in the world accepts him as the top guy and stops booing him. At this point I just feel like everyone should just cheer him so Vince will stop trying to get him over. Someone on the Observer board actually compiled a hilarious "Story of Roman Reigns" list where it goes month-by-month over all the pathetic attempts to make Roman into a top guy and how each one failed miserably, and yet they still don’t learn.

The ultimate problem is that Roman just needs to GO THE F--- AWAY for a few months and not be on our TV trying to be cool every week.​