Blessing in disguise for Balor?


Though on the surface it appears to be a tough break for Finn, do you think this could work in his favor? It’s clear that the WWE has no idea on how to keep the "Demon King" persona cool on the main show, and with the corporate nonsense behind it, he’d have cooled off as champ in 2 months tops. With the injury however, he’s free to make a massive return (Rumble maybe) that will keep him hot, and set him up to be in the title match at Mania. And God willing they figure out how to market the Demon King by then.

​I dunno, that’s a pretty big assumption. It seems more likely to be a Neville situation where they just move onto Vince’s newest and shiniest toy and Finn becomes a flippy floppy guy competing for the Cruiserweight title. ​