Time to take Brock out behind the barn?


I’ve been a huge Brock Lesnar fan from the beginning, followed him in UFC, and even drove with a couple buddies to Chicago to see his first match back a few years ago. But I have had zero interest in anything Brock has done in WWE since he finished off The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell last year, and I feel like I’m not quite alone.

He gets screwed out of the World Title by the Wyatts and gets his revenge on a televised house show. Then he destroys Dean Ambrose in a disappointing match and does his usual summer disappearing act. Ambrose wins the aforementioned World Title while Brock is gone, so Lesnar returns to fight… Randy Orton?

WWE’s dilemma is that Brock is a prize fighter, so it makes no sense for him to ignore the World Title (or I guess the Nakamura’s Pants Title since he’s on Raw). But you can’t have him fight for a title because he’s on the farm for months at a time. Add on the failed drug test and now a backstage fight… Has the mystique of Brock Lesnar finally just run its course? Because if the best they have left for him is to suplex Shane McMahon off the top of the Citrus Bowl, it seems like it probably has.

​Maybe they should just use him like Undertaker every year at Wrestlemania against other part-timers and stop trying to shoehorn him into the regular entertainment portion of the show? That way he can continue his fighting caree…oh, wait, sorry, my bad. ​