Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

What a great weekend for fighting sports! I granted my husband a date night where we watched the UFC card and it was an excellent action card with an amazing main event. Personally I thought the main event was a draw because Diaz should have gotten a 10-8 third round. But much respect for Conor pulling it together and winning the fourth round despite being gassed out.

Still have to watch NXT, probably will skip RAW to do that and I saw enough of Summerslam to feel like I saw everything. I’m not going to pile on the detractors of the “Universal Championship” belt other than to say it would have been nice to see something different and unique or classic if they decided to bring back one of the old title designs. Otherwise the crowd seemed kind of low key outside of the Styles-Cena match and the opener. And what about that Brock elbow? You gotta be a man to agree to take one of those things.

Anyway, there’s wrestling on TV, some Little League World Series action, no live preseason NFL and no Olympics but American Ninja Warriors is back!