Is the finisher killing wrestling?

So watching SunmerSlam , we got a good bunch of decent matches but as we watch you can’t believe any near falls in the match that aren’t from a finishing move. How do we get out of this rabbit hole without going to the women’s route of distracted roll ups?

​You mean we’re NOT already stuck with distracted rollups up and down the card on TV shows? Coulda fooled me.

I wouldn’t mind the finisher problem so much if they had more squash matches, but as it stands you get stuff like Ziggler trying for near falls off the fameasser when he’s literally never pinned anyone with the move that I’ve ever seen. At least, for example, they let Roman pin dudes with the superman punch and the spear to give him some variety, and even Sheamus got a bunch of finishers for a while. What does Dean Ambrose have outside of Dirty Deeds that’s ever beaten anyone? The weird bulldog headlock that they took away from him years ago? I’m fine with the finisher-rest-finisher style being the dominant one, but they really need to establish more than one finisher for these poor dudes.​