Blood and Kids

So long time and semi-dormant fan like yourself, I read recaps but barely have the time or interest to watch the product. I have a 5 and 7 year olds and the last couple of years have let my older go to a Raw and Smackdown then both to the Raw with Bryan’s farewell. I let them watch the big three ppvs and rarely little else. We live on the west coast so we watched the second half of the Summerslam which went well until the ending with both my kids covering their eyes and saying turn it off with with my non-fan wife giving me wtf eyes.

Being a long term fan who was a fan and went to ECW prime shows, this kinda makes a jaded fan like me appreciate the PG product more since allows my kids to watch. But also gives me pause to let me kids watch ppvs or live events in the future. Just my perspective, what’s your take? And btw it happened so fast I couldn’t pause in time which I did right after blood was shown in abounds be and talked about how it’s fake blood and took my kids to bed.

​Yeah, I really wonder if something went seriously wrong, because that was a horror show. Say what you will about the PG era, but that’s a choice they’ve made and if they knowingly booked that kind of finish while marketing to kids with Jolly Rancher sponsoring the show and the like, that’s pretty inexcusable. I don’t mind the occasional blade in a big match where it’s something like Hell in a Cell and you know what you’re getting into, but this was really yucky and out of place for this kind of a mainstream show. I really don’t miss blood all that much, to be honest, and this shows why. ​