Hey Scott,

Do you have any feelings toward NXT that it’s getting really ridiculous that they HAVE to keep guys there to have a third touring brand? Samoa Joe, Nakamura, Bayley, Roode, Aries, etc. should absolutely have been on the main roster by now but have had to stay there in the prime of their careers. Now they’re paying Nakamura boatloads of money supposedly to stay in NXT even longer as their champion? I know NXT has morphed from being just a minor league, but it absolutely should be a minor league, do you agree? How unpopular wrestling is right now and we need a 3rd brand?

They really should bring up the NXT women’s and tag titles and rebrand them into Smackdown titles and unify the NXT/WWE titles. A championship in NXT should be a Raw/Smackdown contract.

​I dunno about unifying titles, but Nakamura aside I like the idea of using aging mid-level guys from TNA like Roode and Aries, who were never going to get a push on the main roster anyway, and using them as top stars above the rookies. That’s a shitload of upside and no downside. They get a steady payday and TV exposure so they can work indies, and the new guys get someone experienced to work with so they can learn. I’m actually surprised that EY didn’t stick around too, in fact. It seems like a pretty sweet gig. ​

That being said, I really want see Nakamura v. Brock or Joe v. Brock, so hopefully they get them up to RAW sooner rather than later.