How serious are they about Finn?

Hi Scott

I think we can all agree the shooting of Finn Balor to the top of the card is a welcome surprise, but do you have any idea what the long term or even short term plan is?

Is there any chance he wins the title at Summerslam, or are we back to where we were a year ago with Rollins holding the gold? And where would that leave Finn?

Bonus question (if I may) what do you make of Balor’s NXT/WWE run so far? I was completely new to him in NXT and always looked forward to his matches but don’t recall ever being truly blown away. It didn’t help that seemed to go from a lengthy Owens feud into an even lengthier Joe feud that didn’t quite produce a classic I was expecting. I dunno, I think he has something but it’s yet to truly shine on screen.

Thanks again

​I think they pretty much HAVE to put him over Rollins at Summerslam, and they can always put the belt on Seth next month to get it off him again, but having him go out and lose his debut would pretty much hack him off at the knees. To be honest, I have no idea what their plans for him are, but they gave him a pretty serious push on his debut, so they must have SOMETHING in mind, you’d think.

Secondary note, my wife is going out of town on Sunday, so in fact I will be watching all 19 hours of Summerslam and seeing how long I can stay awake!​