Pinning Lesnar

Hi there, Scott.

So I get that the WWE wants to use Brock as a "Special Attraction" and that "Dream Matches" are one way to go, but nobody has actually been waiting for 15 years for Orton vs Lesnar.

At this stage, barring Rock coming back for one more match, Brock’s going to go back to wrestling the regular roster. Assume you don’t want your part-time headliner jobbing out to too many people, but you also can’t have him destroy everybody. So, if you had to pick ONE guy for Brock to give the "rub" to, who is it?

Reigns is an obvious choice, having come "close" at WM31. The history is here to support it, people would believe it, though I don’t know how many people would want Reigns to pick up that win at this point.

Ambrose is another guy where the story writes itself and it makes a ton of sense if they want to seriously establish him as their top guy.

Owens would be TREMENDOUS both in the ring and on the mic in a feud against Brock and a win would be a great way to shift him out of the midcard, plus his offence looks like it could actually hurt Brock.

There are cases to be made for other guys, but some don’t necessarily need it (Rollins, Styles), while it would be beneficial, but not as believable for others (Ziggler, Zayn, Balor). Be great if they actually figured out that Nakamura is the best thing going in the whole damn company and had him show up and grab the win, but who knows what they’re doing with him.


I think it’s gotta be someone new new, like someone who gets hot in NXT and then gets shot up to the main roster and beats Brock early into his run. I think even at this point it’s not gonna make someone like Owens or Ambrose to beat him. And the problem again is that with the total abandoning of PPV, it’s really hard to see any immediate results from Brock’s star power because he doesn’t draw ratings any more and he doesn’t work house shows.

F--- it, just let Reigns beat him again.