Go 2 Sleep

> With the upcoming CM Punk debut fight at UFC, we have another situation where a guy associated with wrestling (WWE in particular) going into a real fight as a colossal underdog. Most everyone assumed Brock would get whooped, but he actually got the win. Unfortunately for everyone involved, his drug tests fails means nobody gets to exploit it for media attention, especially WWE.
> If by some miracle Punk wins (or at least hangs with Gall for a bit), do you think WWE tries to capatilize in any way with something like "former WWE champion does well/look how great out promotion is" to raise their brand? And do think UFC would keep him a special attraction type deal, or try to fast track him into title contention?
> Obviously this is all mute if Punk goes & gets killed in 15 seconds, but after watching the recent FS1 documentary on Punk, he appears to be going all in, taking nothing for granted & busting his ass… What can I say, I’m rooting for him to do well…

I feel like Punk is just doing this to check off his bucket list and then retire to an analyst job on Fox. Gall is an actual fighter, and Punk is old and injured and inexperienced. He’s getting killed. Either way, there’s no angle in it for Vince. They wouldn’t want to give Punk the satisfaction of promoting his win should it happen. Which it won’t. So I wouldn’t worry.