RF Video Shoot Interview with The Mountie Jacques Rougeau

This was filmed in 2004

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It is a two disc set. Disc One runs at one hour and twenty-eight minutes long. Disc Two runs at one hour and eleven minutes long.


Jacques is first asked about growing up in a wrestling family. He talks about how it was good and bad as he elaborates how the bad side was that he really only got exposed to the wrestling world and missed out on a lot in life. He did say that he had more ups and downs though, despite doing nothing but wrestling in his life.


He talks about teaming up with his brother Raymond, who started wrestling in 1972. Jacques started wrestling in 1977 and two years after that he started teaming up with his brother.


Jacques tells a story of when he was just 11 years old. He accompanied his dad, who had a broken tibia, to the ring for a match against Tarzan Tyler. Before they went out, Jacques’ dad told him that Tyler would come near him but not to worry as he would not get hurt. Tyler went over to shake Jacques’ hand in the ring and ended up slapping him down. Jacques said his dad smartened him up a bit to the business before this and he knew enough to sell it where it got over then his dad punched Tyler in the face and won the match as that was how they figured out how to wrestle while Jacques’ dad had a broken tibia and could not do an actual match.


He then talks about how his father did not really want him in the wrestling business for whatever reason so he asked his mom for $350 and at the age of 17 went to Calgary to train for Stampede. He ended up getting into Tennessee to work for Nick Gulas then went to Mexico. Jacques put over how difficult it was in Mexico due to the travel, conditions, and language barrier but it also benefited him as he got into shape due to the high altitude and learned to do his backflip, which got over when he went back to wrestle in Montreal.


They go back to talking about Calgary as Jacques stayed away from the Dungeon in Stu Hart’s basement for the most part as he does a Stu Hart impression to describe how he told him to come over. Jacques did say he was a nice man who picked him up from the airport and acted like a father-figure to him.


Jacques also went to Georgia in 1981 and used the name Jerry Roberts and was nicknamed “Jerry Jobber” in the locker room. He said that Ole Anderson took a liking to him and that he even made $400 Friday night’s at the Omni despite his low status on the card. He also learned a lot about the business from hanging around assistant booker Ronnie West.


He then went to Alabama with his brother Armand and talks about all of the guys he worked with. After that he worked for the Jarrett’s then went back to work for the Fuller’s as they were based in Knoxville, TN. He said that he got along with all of the promoters and said he thinks they respected him for being a straight shooter, even if he could be a bit “babyish” at times. He also talks about teaming with Butch Reed as they were called a “salt-and-pepper” team. Jacques left working for the Jarrett’s because they paid poorly.


Jacques tells a story about when he teamed with Terry Taylor. They were at a hotel one night when a girl that Taylor was seeing before but blowing off knocked on the door. Taylor was staying a few doors down and the girl was upset so Jacques invited her in and they talked, noting how he should have told her to leave. They talked for a half-hour and she left as Jacques said she was smitten with her but she liked Taylor, who did not want a serious relationship. The next morning, Jacques heard a knock on the door and opened it up as Taylor started punching him in the face. Jacques then said he tells this story to his son’s  while telling them you do not get in trouble if you do not look for it.


When asked about Bill Dundee, Jacques said that he was taught by his father if you do not have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. He puts over Bobby Eaton as a great person too. Jacques did say the French guys were not liked much in the locker room, pointing out how some guys would complain to the bookers because they spoke French.


He puts over working in Montreal and how he teamed with his brother Raymond against Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin, who spoke French. Jacques talks about they had two wild matches that drew record houses in Montreal.


Jacques talks about the Road Warriors and how Hawk once chased him into the locker room after a match and called him a “motherfucker” as he was mad about something. He then tells a story about inviting the Road Warriors to work a show when he tried to start promoting again in Montreal a few years ago. Hawk was inebriated and ended up destroying one of the custom Harley Davidson’s Jacques got on loan for the show. He then said that Hawk offered $500 of his pay but that the damage was about $10,000.


When asked about Haku, Jacques said that is one person you do not piss off. He recalls Haku being in a bar in Puerto Rico against ten guys and was the only one standing at the end. He tells another story of how Haku was sitting at a bar in Quebec. There was a guy and a girl near him and the girl grabbed Haku’s chest as she took a liking to him. Haku then grabbed the girl’s chest as the guy she was with got in Haku’s face and Haku grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against the wall. The girl jumped on Haku’s back but she got flung off as Haku still had the guy pinned until Raymond tapped him on the shoulder to say he was the killing the guy as Haku slowly turned around and let go as the guy dropped to the floor.


On how he got into the WWF, Jacques said that Pat Patterson called him up and asked if he wanted to come down to New York. Jacques said he was skeptical coming down himself then told Patterson he wanted $5,000 a week and to team with his brother Raymond and it took about two years until they worked out a deal.


He was very impressed when he first met Vince McMahon and puts him over for being a genius at marketing. Jacques talks about how hard the travel was and it made you lose track of the real world as you basically walk around like a zombie.


Jacques flashes forward and says they were originally going to get the Tag Team Titles in 1989 but the Brainbusters got the belts instead. Jacques said it was the first time he lost respect for Vince because they did everything as asked as he also talks about how when things start going down it meant you lost money and you forget how good things used to be.


At first, Jacques said they were not accepted into the locker room. He also said they had a lot of heat in the locker room because they always showed up on time and never missed dates and other guys would get in trouble all the time for that.


He is asked about some of the talents. Jacques said he was one of Andre’s best friends at the end and says everyone treated Andre like a freak and as a result he started being mean and constantly drank. Jacques said that Andre befriended him when he started working the Territories. He puts over Hulk Hogan as being a great guy. Jacques tells a story of how Hogan agreed to wrestle him in Montreal back in 1997. It was at the Molson Center and they built it up well as Jacques said Hogan sat down with him before the match and asked him what they were doing as it was his show. Jacques said that Hogan put him over and how he is incredibly intelligent and respectful. He was surprised that Harley Race came into the company as he was older and worked the same grueling schedule as everyone else. He puts over Harley for being very respectful and that he even let him look good when he was a jobber in Georgia. Jacques liked his matches against the Dream Team, saying everything Greg Valentine did looked good. Jacques also loved working against the Hart Foundation too, saying it was one of the best times in his career. However, he did say that Bret Hart had a bad attitude and never liked to do the job. He even talks about how when he was the Mountie and they used him to transition the belt to Piper, Bret was announced as defying doctors orders to wrestle the match so it would not look as bad if he lost. Jacques does say that he gets along with Bret today.


When asked, he said the drug scene was really bad. He was also said he had to testify against George Zaharian but claimed to have not seen anything. Jacques himself denied that he has ever taken any steroids but said he was tempted because they were smaller than just about everyone else but credits Raymond for keeping him away from that and he is healthy now today.


Jacques is now asked about the British Bulldogs. He talks about not respecting them, citing examples of making the Honky Tonk Man cry and putting shit in Outback Jack’s bags and shaving his head after dumping Halcions into his drinks. Their problems started at a TV Taping in Syracuse. Jacques said they were all trying to get flights home and asked agent Chief Jay Strongbow if there match could go on 3rd instead of 8th, because the Bulldogs were wrestling on the third match and they had no chance of making it back to Calgary on a flight that night anyway. Jacques said that Curt Hennig was in the locker room and the Bulldogs were pissed off that their match got switched to 8th but when Jacques told them he had a chance to go home and spend an extra day with his family, the Bulldogs said they were okay with that as they did not have a chance to make it home that night. However, Jacques did not like the way the Bulldogs answered him and he asked Hennig to watch his bag. After his match he saw Hennig, who kept looking at the bag then at Jacques. So, Jacques said he went home and it turned out they stole some of his workout gear.


A few days later at a show in Miami, Jacques was in the locker room playing cards with Hennig. His back was near the door when Don Muraco, Bob Orton, Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, and Bad News Brown walked in where Dynamite slapped him off of his chair from behind then turned around on the ground as Dynamite started punching and kicking his face as Jacques said he asked Dynamite “what is wrong” and said he was an idiot for doing that.  Raymond, who was on crutches at the time, still got up and Dynamite punched him in the face. Dynamite was asked if he was going to beat up a man on crutches and said he was going to wait until he healed to kick his ass. An hour later, Jacques came out for his match and his face was swollen and he did not talk about it for three days. Then, on a flight to Chicago, they landed where the flight attendant announced the WWF Superstars were on the plane and also congratulated Jacques on his “boxing match” as his face was still swollen while he could tell the other wrestlers were laughing about this. When Jacques got to the rental car with his brother, he turned to his brother and told him he was going to get in his comeback at the TV Tapings in Fort Wayne, IN. Raymond asked if he was sure and Jacques said yes.


A couple of days before the Fort Wayne TV taping, Jacques said he was reading his book in the locker room as Dynamite was banging stuff around him then started swearing at Jacques and started to make fun of him. Jacques said he sat there and took his shit and did not eat or sleep that day. He then talked about how every night Raymond and himself would punch the pillows and move them around in the room. Jacques called his dad, who suggested to go to the bank and get a roll of quarters to hit Dynamite. They get to the TV taping and there were three curtains and doors for locker rooms. He walked in with Raymond and said hi to Dino Bravo, who was their friend. He looked at the Bulldogs, Hart Foundation, and a few others part of their clique then sat down to read. Jacques said there was a lot of rumors going around the locker room about how he was taking shit from Dynamite and not doing anything about it as well. Vince then had a talent meeting and said anyone who fought backstage would end up getting fired. Jacques saw Vince. who was aware of the issues, after the meeting as Vince said he was going to talk to them later. After Vince left, Jacques said he told Raymond they have to do this now before Vince talks to them because they will definitely get fired.




The Rougeaus head towards the cafeteria. They each took a side on the passage and noticed the whole clique started to walk out and leave except for Dynamite. Pat Patterson then walked in and started talking to them as Jacques said he had the roll of quarters in his hand ready to attack Dynamite. Patterson was talking to Raymond when Dynamite got up, holding his cup of coffee. Dynamite saw Jacques, who put his head down like he had been doing for weeks, then puffed out his chest and walked towards Jacques in an effort to intimidate him. Jacques said he then raised his head when Dynamite was right in front of him and said hi before blasting Dynamite in the teeth with the roll of quarters. Jacques said that four teeth came out after the first punch but Dynamite still did not go down as blood was everywhere. Dynamite then grabbed Jacques towards him but was too weak as Jacques swung a few more times as Patterson was apparently screaming like a girl as he called for help. Bad News pushed Jacques back by the throat as the Hart Foundation ran in and asked what happened. Jacques said he went to his brother to go see Vince. They knocked on his door as Vince was in their with Hogan, Savage, and Elizabeth but Vince told them they would meet later. Jacques said that he stood behind Raymond because he was covered in blood then he pushed Raymond aside and told Vince they were going to talk now as Hogan and Savage could not believe what they saw.


As they spoke to Vince, Jacques told him he had been unable to shave for the past two weeks because his face was so swollen and if he wanted to fire them, to go ahead but Vince said he was not going to fire anyone and Vince liked them for being reliable and that they gave a nice image. Vince then told them to stay in his office and lock the door while he went to get the Bulldogs. Jacques said they broke a chair in half to use as a weapon because they were afraid of retribution but Vince came back by himself as the Bulldogs were en route to the hospital. Vince then told them to get their stuff as he escorted them to their car and they would see them tomorrow. Jacques said the only people who talked to them were Iron Mike Sharpe and Terry Taylor as Jacques talked about the Bulldogs being the bullies of the WWE. He then said Bravo came back that night and said he was proud of him after turning his head up at them the previous night. A week later at Madison Square Garden, Bravo told them the Bulldogs gave their notice and will finish up at the Survivor Series. Jacques then said he had friends in Montreal and ended up getting Dynamite’s address in case something happened to him. He also said he showed Bravo this and told him not to tell anyone, knowing that he probably would, as Bravo went drinking with Dynamite as soon as the Bulldogs came back from the European tour. Jacques said Raymond watched his back, and he watched is, until the Survivor Series in case something happened. Jacques said they were concerned at the Survivor Series as no one said anything to them until a half-hour before the show when one of the Hebner’s told them they were wanted by Vince. Jacques and his brother get there as the Bulldogs are with Vince. Jacques said you could not understand Dynamite as he had no teeth as Davey wanted to do a spot where he pressed slam Jacques at Raymond as Jacques said that was a good spot, thinking in the back of his mind Davey would toss him to the floor. Right before the match, Vince came up to them and asked if they could leave the arena as soon as they were eliminated because it would make the Bulldogs happy and it was their last night anyway.


Jacques wraps this up by saying it was an awful two weeks as he lost his pride then gained it back again and now people think he is tough while he laughs that he is not. Jacques said the story of having to pay for Dynamite’s teeth are false and said he loved and respected the guy before this whole incident went down. Jacques said he feels sorry that Dynamite is in a wheelchair today then cites his steroid and drug use as being rampant. He then said if they met today he would like to have a beer with him.


He then talks about how Bret Hart could not let them win the Tag Titles in Montreal as they would drop them back to the Hart Foundation in Calgary because he hated to do the job.


Jacques is asked about several talents. He loved working with Don Muraco and said he was a nice guy, despite being part of Dynamite’s clique. Jacques also liked working with the Killer Bees but said that Brunzell caused him to get plastic surgery after not breaking his fall and he needed 43 stitches in his mouth. He also thanked Vince for flying in a plastic surgeon to help him out. He said that the Rockers were the best and loved their matches and would have 60 minute matches were whoever got the most falls would win and they’d tie at 6 and have to go an extra ten minutes. Jacques also said they did this match after coming back from overseas.


At the beginning, Jacques said he and Raymond were against the heel turn but obliged after Patterson told them they would have greater longevity as a heel act. Jacques said that it was the first time a Rougeau was a heel on TV but his dad told them to run with it and get as much money as possible. Jacques also put over Jimmy Hart as being a great guy.


Jacques said that Raymond ended up retiring over getting passed over for the Tag Team titles when they went with the Brainbusters. Jacques said he took about a year off after that.


He talks about filming the Mountie vignettes up in Canada and laughs about how funny they were.


On his feud with the Big Bossman, Jacques said he was the best guy around and will miss him a lot. He also said it was his favorite feud and how memorable it was after their match at 1991 SummerSlam. However, Jacques did not like working with Piper as he thought Piper made him look like a jobber. Jacques also said he came up with the finish and even said that Piper was a great person.


Jacques took another year off and did a few dates for Carlos Colon in Puerto Rico. He saw that there was another French guy here and it was Carl Pierre Ouellette as they spoke to each other. He put over Ouellette for being able to bump, something Jacques joked he could not do himself. Jacques said in order to set them apart from other teams they would always do moves together.


He is asked about several other performers. Jacques liked working with the Steiner Brothers but did say he almost got into it with Rick Steiner while in Europe. Steiner was messing with Jacques, who threw an apple at a pole that was right next to Steiner’s face and started to flip out as Jacques said he was also dealing with marital problems at that time too. Regarding Johnny Polo (Raven), Jacques said he did not respect Polo as he was a jerk to people and thought he was something special as soon as he got there. Jacques also said that Polo partied a lot. Jacques also said he never got along with Jim Ross.


On WCW, Jacques liked the schedule but said he did not get along with Eric Bischoff at the time but said he was a different guy recently when the WWE came to town as Bischoff had less of an ego.


Today, Jacques says he runs about ten shows a year in Montreal that draw from 2,000-3,000 fans per show and puts over his student, Eric Mastrocola, as someone who could be a star. He also says he warns kids at schools about violence. He also works for a transportation company and has his own clientele.


He closes by thanking the fans and said it is more fun to be a heel than a babyface.


Final Thoughts: Overall, I really liked this shoot interview. Jacques did not hold back here and was not afraid to answer any questions. Although he talks a lot and too much at times about certain topics, it still managed to hold my attention. Jacques memory was not the greatest either as he had trouble remembering dates and years but did remember stories that happened.

Jacques spent about a half hour talking about the whole two weeks leading up to when he knocked out the Dynamite Kid’s teeth. He went into great detail about it and it is definitely something you want to hear. My thoughts on the situation are that I understand why Dynamite was initially pissed, as Jacques went behind their back to switch the match order, but the bullying and everything else for the two weeks after that was uncalled for and what the Bulldogs were known for to be honest. You can also say if Jacques confronted the Bulldogs first and asked them to switch the match order instead of going to an agent first this whole situation could have been avoided.  And knocking out Dynamite’s teeth, which something many people think was a set up and not how Jacques explained here, was vicious but the only way Jacques felt this would stop. And he pretty much hinted that he had the mafia on his side in case Dynamite tried to retaliate.

I highly recommend this interview, especially for the Dynamite Kid story.


You can purchase the DVD for $20, a digital download for $14.99, or for those subscribed to the Highspots Wrestling Network, you can watch this for free.