NXT’s Japanese Talent Raids

So — in the last year, was the basic deal with anyone who comes from Japan and doesn’t go straight to the main roster that they never have to do a job, ever? Right now, WWE is booking Nakamura, Asuka, Ibushi and even Tozawa like Kryptonians. (Hitami of course, Vince ruined two years ago at the Andre.)

Tozawa’s match against Gallagher was ridiculous: have your leg worked all match, then don’t sell it at all and do your lame finish out of nowhere.

​To be fair, they didn’t know that Gallagher was going to get over huge with us nerds when they taped the tournament last month, because I think otherwise he would have gone over last night. Hazards of taping well in advance. I really liked the match and thought that Gallagher got tons of shine, especially stuff like the wacky pretzel hold and ensuing KICK IN THE BUTT OF DOOM. I really liked the Kendrick match, although the bully choke was out of nowhere. Tony Nese should probably get a look as a part of the roster now. The Noam Dar match was pretty meh, and really it’s a free ride for Zack Sabre Jr, probably all the way to the finals now unless they suddenly decide to put Tozawa over. I’m assuming that the semis and finals will be done during the live special? Given that the winner of the tournament is probably getting the new title, it sure seems like the quarterfinal winner of Gargano v. Swann (I’m assuming that’s what the match will be, I haven’t looked at spoilers) will be the eventual champion.

Otherwise, yeah, damn Japanese imports being booked like unstoppable monsters. More like Kota HOGAN, am I right? ​