Weekend 3-fer

With UFC, NXT and Summerslam this weekend, I was curious which shows you were planning on catching this weekend and/or which you are more interested in or might skip altogether. I’m not missing the UFC show and NXT will have to wait (yes I know it starts at 8pm, but I’m going to Buffalo Wild Wings for the show and I also watch prelims). Summerslam I plan on seeing Sunday night in real time, but I have to be honest that it is more due to the fact that I have an open Sunday this week. The card is terrible at all, but it’s not exactly lighting my world on fire as the 2nd biggest show of the year. If I had plans I probably wouldn’t bother. What say you?

​I’m definitely watching NXT and probably the main event of UFC, but the 17 hour Summerslam show is a bit daunting for me, and at best I might have to divide it up over two days. It should be a great show, but like yourself I’m not super hyped about it and I’m more interested in seeing if Reigns can finally get over at this one. We’ll see how the night goes.​