ECW’s TV shows.

Hi Scott,

ECW had its long standing Hardcore TV with chopped up matches, promos, montages and music videos, almost in an unstructured manner which was pretty different from anything at the time and today is still a quite unique way to use the time they had.

ECW on TNN was more the traditional TV broadcast, a few matches and a few promos.

How were these shows perceived by their audiences? I’m aware the ratings wernt great but for those who watched them, did they enjoy the style and content? Was it something you yourself would seek out and watch?


Hardcore TV was very influential on certain aspects of Vince Russo’s writing style, but he didn’t really understand that the point of it was to disguise the weaknesses of guys who would be exposed by a traditional format. I don’t know that a lot of people really loved the TV shows themselves, as they were mostly cut-up versions of the shows that were taped for video release in full form, and it’s THOSE shows are most fondly remembered. ECW on TNN in particular is remembered as kind of a boring trainwreck most of the time that came off as Paul Heyman trying to go mainstream and mostly failing with guys like Rhyno and Justin Credible on top.

As for me, I’m with Jerry Lawler.