50/50 booking

I’ve been thinking, the reason I don’t watch WWE anymore isn’t the 50/50 booking. Real sports have feuds that go back and forth for years, that’s part of the fun. The reason I don’t watch Raw anymore is that every match ends dirty. Someone’s music plays causing a distraction, someone interferes, a Bray Wyatt hologram shows up during a cell match, etc. and then I feel like a stupid moron for wasting 20 minutes of my life on fake entertainment with no ending when I could be enjoying fake entertainment with an ending like Daredevil or Doctor Who. It got to the point (for me) where the occasions with an actual ending no longer justified the time required to sit through all the terrible endings.

What I’m saying is, if it was 50/50 booking where one guy was just the better man that night, I’d probably still watch. I still watch baseball. It’s their terrible match endings that ruined it for me.

​Yeah, but at least wrestling has slightly less of a drug problem than baseball does now.

Wrestling has always been built on 50/50 booking, it’s just that it used to be longer term. One guy would win for a while, then lose for a while. The problem is when one guys wins one match, then loses one match, and that’s all they ever do.