Quick question regarding ratings

Hi Scott,

I know that in the grand scheme of things in 2016, ratings aren’t the hugest priority for WWE but RAW is doing comparable numbers (at least strictly ratings wise, I’m not sure about actual number of viewers) to what Nitro was doing before it went off the air.

However, the television industry is much different now than it was 15 years ago with the onset of Android Boxes etc. etc.

Can there even be a comparison made between the ratings of RAW in 2016 and Nitro in 2001?

​Well, in a sense, I suppose. WCW was almost strictly a TV company, though, and as the ratings died, so did the company. WWE’s business model is more focused on the Network now, but a continued decrease in ratings means a big hit to their own TV deal when it comes up for renewal. Or if, god forbid, USA actually develops hit TV shows again, suddenly a show doing under 3 million viewers every week has a lot less leverage.