Outta Nowhere

The recent return of Randy Orton to TV, especially with the triple focus on the #OuttaNowhere stuff, has really highlighted how the RKO is so much more over than Orton himself.

Have there been cases in the past like this, where a wrestler’s finish was the most over part of his act or a case where a finisher grew to the popularity level of overtaking all aspects of a character?

Tried thinking of any other instances, but even in cases like Austin with the Stunner, he was the draw & would get reactions beating the crap out of guys with or without hitting his move.

Closest I can think of is DDP, which kinda doesn’t count cuz it’s the same move. Any other times?

​Jake Roberts and the DDT. Once Jake got really lazy the entire match would be him selling forever and then hitting the move to win. Petey Williams and the Canadian Destroyer would another one. I mean, does anyone even remember what Petey looked like? And yet everyone knows the move. ​