I mean, he’s pretty transparently planning to lose the Nate rematch and jump to WWE, no?

He’s an effective heel, I’ll give him that.

​I dunno what his endgame is, though. He already flushed away a $10 million payday by screwing over UFC 200, and he’s basically tanking 202 by detracting all the attention from Diaz and putting heat on WWE instead for some reason. To do what, make a couple of hundred thousand for a Wrestlemania appearance? And Diaz is gonna WRECK him next weekend and then he’ll just be another guy. I don’t care about Conor trolling wrestlers on Twitter, I care about him getting the underdog knockout on Aldo and then selling the rematches. Now he’s just become Chael Sonnen, the douchebag who talks a big game and then gets completely exposed. ​Dave noted on the last radio show that tickets for UFC 202 are not exactly flying, especially with the super-inflated ticket prices. It could be that the Conor train has sailed.