Mid-South Wrestling – February 18th, 1982

February 18, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week we will see Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia vs. The Grappler & Bob Sweetan, Dusty Rhodes vs. Ed Wiskowski, and Ted DiBiase and the Wild Samoans in action.

Watts lets us know that Ernie Ladd had his leg operated on after the attack at the hands of the Wild Samoans and One Man Gang and that Mike George is still out of action with a back injury.


Bill Ash vs. Coco Samoa

Coco takes Ash down with an armdrag to start then grounds him on the mat. Watts talks about taking his kids to Mardi Gras as he boasts that his son came in second place in a high school wrestling tournament. This match continues with Watts now talking about his youngest son’s friends as Coco hits a back elbow smash and a headbutt. Ash bites Samoa then uses a knee smash but Coco catches him with a kick. Ash takes Coco down with a knee smash and goes back to work before applying a chinlock. Watts talks about Coco’s ancestry and Ladd’s career as Coco fights back then puts Ash away with a splash from the middle rope (5:37) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Good lord this was boring. Watts spent half of the match talking about his family and everything else in the promotion and the action was slow. Ash was probably the least talented enhancement guy they had and Samoa was not a major player or anything.


Skandor Akbar tells Ernie Ladd he took the Iron Sheik from him and that he never liked Mike George as he promises to make a clean sweep of the territory by taking out other champions like Mr. Olympia, Ted DiBiase, and the Junkyard Dog. He then warns to take out the cancer that is Dusty Rhodes as he warns everyone listen that 1982 is career-ending time in Mid-South. They are really putting over Akbar’s men as a major threat as he is putting all of th champions on notice.


Wild Samoans w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Brian Blair & Frank Monte

Blair works a hammerlock briefly then knocks Sika down. The faces work the arm for a bit until Blair misses a charge in the corner as the Samoans take control. Monte tags in after Blair dodged a falling headbutt but he runs into a chop and shortly after that Afa puts him away with the Samoan Drop (3:12).

Thoughts: The Samoans sold a lot here but still managed to look strong at the end. They are pretty much the only actual tag team here as the rest of them are singles guys thrown together to team on occasion.


Larry Higgens vs. Ted DiBiase

DiBiase takes Higgens down and grounds him for a bit as Watts talks about how he is a wanted man. DiBiase now works the arm as Watts tells us he will face the Grappler next week for the North American Heavyweight Title. DiBiase is in control as he hits Higgens, who can barely run the ropes, with a clothesline before he gets the win with a figure-four (3:16).

Thoughts: They story here is that everyone from Roop, Orndorff, The Grappler, and Akbar’s men are gunning for DiBiase and his title. And I apologize to Billy Ash as Higgens is by far and away the least talented enhancement talent in the territory.


Bob Roop vs. Rick Ferrara

This starts off on the mat as Watts puts over Roop’s amateur wrestling credentials. Watts talks about how Mid-South is back in Tulsa, OK and puts over the May 3rd show there as these two continue to go back-and-forth on the mat. Ferrara hits an atomic drop but Roop cheap shots him then gets the win with a shoulderbreaker (4:30) *1/2.

Thoughts: The action was pretty good here as Ferrara showed that he could go a bit on the mat.


The Grappler & Bob Sweetan vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia

These two trade slams to start. Olympia hits a dropkick after dodging an elbow drop then makes the tag as JYD cleans house. Olympia is back in and slugs it out with the Grappler for a bit. Sweetan is in as Olympia uses his speed to his advantage then tags out. JYD hammers on the Grappler, who retreats in the corner. JYD & Olympia stay in control then the match breaks down as Sweetan gets dumped. Olympia puts the Grappler in the sleeper but Sweetan breaks it up from the apron. Sweetan tags and gets out of the sleeper himself. Grappler loads his boot but Sweetan gets shoved by Olympia. JYD tags and dumps the Grappler before putting Sweetan away with a powerslam (5:38) **.

Thoughts: This was all action and decent overall. The crowds were so into JYD. It was amazing how much he was over.


Ed Wiskowski vs. Dusty Rhodes

Dusty takes down Wiskowski and works the leg. Wiskowski rakes the eyes but misses a knee smash in the corner as Dusty goes back to working the leg as Watts puts over Dusty for being the son of a plumber. Wiskowski rakes Dusty in the eyes again and hits a slam but misses a splash from the top then Dusty drops an elbow for the win (3:38) *.

Thoughts: A quick win over a name opponent for Dusty as he is back in the territory.


Paul Orndorff vs. Tony Torres

Torres works a hammerlock to start. Orndorff gets pissed then starts destroying the poor guy. Watts hypes next week’s show as the Junkyard Dog & Brian Blair vs. take on the Wild Samoans and in two weeks, Dick Murdoch & Iron Mike Sharpe will also take on the Samoans as Orndorff gets the win with a figure-four (2:54).

Thoughts: I always found it amusing to watch Orndorff destroy enhancement talent. It looked great.


Final Thoughts: Overall, this really wasnt that great. I think part of it was due to Watts mentioning how they were in new markets as he spent the whole show talking about the wrestler’s backgrounds among other things on commentary to give the new viewers a backstory. Sure, it makes sense but it does mean it was fun for those already watching. The tag match was decent and the Akbar interview was solid but other than that it was a slow week.


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