Biggest Business Blunders in Pro Wrestling History

What do you think are the biggest business blunders in pro wrestling history?

What’s a bigger blunder, Verne Gagne not putting the belt on Hulk Hogan in 1983 or the territories not being more pro-active when Vince McMahon started his national expansion?

Other blunders that come to mind:
Crockett buying the UWF
Crockett not moving Starrcade ‘87
Vince McMahon letting go of Hogan, Nash, Hall, and Savage

​Crockett’s purchase of the UWF backfired on him BIGTIME and nearly ended up sinking his promotion, so that’s huge. As we’re learning in the current Observer Flashbacks, putting the World title on Ron Garvin also killed ratings so badly, and so fast, that they were never really able to recover and certainly couldn’t save Starrcade. Moving Starrcade away from the Carolinas in the first place was a ridiculous move that realistically cost Crockett millions on the gate and closed circuit alone.

Hogan not getting the belt isn’t really a blunder in itself, because by that point Hulk didn’t want the belt anyway. He was making too much money in Japan and making him AWA champion wasn’t going to prevent Verne from becoming an atrocious booker. ​