WWE HOF lightning Round

Hi Scott, it seems a while since the WWE HOF has been discussed on the blog, so I thought i’d fix the problem with a lightning round. Rules are simple, I list 2 options, you decide who you think most deserves to be in the WWE HOF.

1) Sid or King Kong Bundy


2) Teddy Long or Slick

​Slick is more deserving, Long is more likely. ​

3) The Dudley Boys or The Steiner Brothers

​Steiners by far. ​

4) Daniel Bryan or Owen Hart

​Bryan by far. ​

5) Cyndi Lauper or David Arquette

​Lauper was a major draw in the Rock N Wrestling era, so she wins.​

6) Mike Rotunda(o) or Nikita Koloff

​Rotunda for longevity alone.​

7) Davey Boy Smith or Ken Shamrock

​Davey Boy. It’s not a UFC Hall of Fame. ​

8) Chyna or Elizabeth

​Isn’t Liz already in there? At any rate, she wins.​

9) Terry Taylor or One Man Gang

​Terry Taylor, but it’s a weird comparison ​

10) Christian or William Regal

​Mr. Regal. Christian doesn’t even qualify for the WWE Hall.​